maría paula gómez leal
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My name is Maria Paula Gomez Leal

I was born on December 24, 1997 in the hospital san Rafael of Espinal

I currently live in Espinal- Tolima. On 17th Street 1-36 number rondón neighborhood

My father 's name is José Prudencio Gomez Ramirez occupation is head nursee

My mother 's name is Maria Fernanda Leal Giron She is business manager

I have a brother, he is the smallest

my pet is a bird and his name is susi

My favorite food is Tolimense Lechona

I am a person with qualities and defects. My personality is different, I have very bad temper, but many happy moments,

Say things directly is good, and I am outgoing and I love to smile

I like to study medicine at the University of Tolima in Ibagué

I want to study medicine

I love playing and practicing basketball as a sport, but football is fun too

My favorite football team is the National Atletico and I'm a fan of the selection Colombia

One of my biggest fears is the dark, I would not know how to explain it but it's impossible to hide. I have a great Angel who takes care of me and I have my grandmother 's care she has always been with me through the good, bad and worse. my goal is to achieve my dreams and be somebody in life.

My family is the joy of my life

These are my friends, I love you in spite of how crazy they are
this photo is in pool Los Naranjos
She is Maria Fernanda Leal Giron, She's my mother, is one of the women I love most, the admire because it is an independent woman, and with a great personality.
this photo is in Ibague in a field trip, it was taken out of the mall
would travel to the Amazon region of our country Colombia and to know all its fauna and flora but also the customs of the people who live there
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